Nature's Diet

Hi! This is Smaranda’s Corner, welcome!

With this blog, I will be discussing how to obtain a proper diet. It is my hope that through my posts you will learn how to quickly, easily, and SIMPLY lose the weight you want, and obtain the health you need.

An important thing to note: When our bodies put on weight, they are not doing it because they hate us, they are doing it because they LOVE us!

The thing is, is that the food in our modern-day western diets is so depleted of nutrients that, although we are eating plenty of calories, our bodies are still starving for nutrients. It is our body’s natural instincts to protect us from famine, and when we are not getting proper nutrients, our bodies go into “famine mode,” and start storing fat to help us survive the winter.

Why is this the best diet ever? Because it is the diet of nature; the closer we get nature, the better. Since have done such a great job in our modern day and age of processing food and extracting nutrients, all we have to do is eat closer to nature. The less humans have played around with the food, the better.  

Why else is it the best diet ever? You can still eat your popcorn. Yes, you do not have to ever tell yourself, “no, you can’t have that.” You can have it! Just make sure that, along with the junk food, you are also adding in nutrients. The more nutrients your body receives, the less it will instinctively need to add on weight.

Start not by taking away food, but by adding more (nutrients, that is)! The absolute best and easiest way to start adding in nutrients is to start off your day with a green smoothie (or vegetable juice). The more nutrients your body starts to get, the more often it will start to crave nutrients (trust me, my friends make fun of my carrot-craves).

Soon, without even realizing it, you will begin to only want to eat the healthy things, and your body (not to mention mind functionality) will look spectacular because of it!

"Do as nature does."